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Your files are scattered? You waste too much time looking for your documents? You feel overwhelmed by digital transformation? You don’t have the resources to handle it all? You can’t find a solution that is right for your needs and business? What if sorting, ordering, and accessing digital content was a piece of cake? What if you could put an end to file management headaches to be more serene and productive?

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, TidyUp could transform your way of doing things and your day to day by combining trust, innovation, and simplicity.

What is TidyUp ?

TidyUp is the simplest solution on the market to sort, order, and access digital content. 

TidyUp is a one-stop-shop platform for a centralized view of your documents, connecting all your sources of content: clouds, emails, PC, smartphones, servers, CRM and EDM tools…

TidyUp is a tailor-made solution, with personalized tree structures but also pre-determined documentation plans, adapted to your needs as well as your line of business.

TidyUp is a smart solution enabling automatic sorting of your files and easy electronic documents management. 

TidyUp is a customer centric solution that makes sense and allows you to choose the visualization that suits you, depending on your needs.

Who is TidyUp for? Companies, local institutions and associations.

But above all TidyUp is: an intuitive, dynamic, ergonomic and secure solution designed to meet your expectations.

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Why adopt TidyUp?

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Who are we?

TidyUp Technologies is a software publisher and integrator dedicated to the digital transition of VSEs / SMEs, civil society and territories.
Based in Sophia-Antipolis, South of France, TidyUp Technologies is a company founded by a team of street-smart entrepreneurs with complementary backgrounds and skills who put their operational experience at the service of their customers.

Its TidyUp solution ensures reliable, clever and simplified management of digital content.

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At the heart of a recognized entrepreneurial network, TidyUp Technologies is proud to benefit from the strong recognition of its ecosystem and to count on partners and customers who are true references on the market.

Trust, innovation and simplicity